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Living Van Gogh Poster

The Van Gogh-themed immersive experience in Portugual

The only exhibit with giant sunflowers in the world

About the Exhibi

  •  - Experiência Living Van Gogh no Porto
    The Living Van Gogh exhibition is an immersion into the world of the famous Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. We are transported into the artist's works through a 360º experience featuring over 150 paintings, sounds and light effects. Furthermore, we can participate in interactive activities, such as creating a digital painting of an Arles landscape, taking pictures in Van Gogh's recreated bedroom and contributing to a collaborative painting.
  •  - Experiência Living Van Gogh no Porto

    The exhibition also includes an original creation, the "Sunflower Symphony", which combines music, sunflower sculptures, and the reciting of the poem "Van Gogh's Last Letter to Théo" by Al Berto. With an approximate duration of 1h15min, Living Van Gogh invites visitors to immerse themselves into the emotions and thoughts of the artist.

    • Artistic Direction: Nuno Maya

    • Directed by: Massimiliano Siccardi


  • Ana L.

    I loved it and was touched by the paintings, being there is spectacular.

  • Elouise W.

    Beautiful experience! Brings you peace and tranquility

  • Rita C.

    An excellent way to appreciate the artist’s work.

  • Pedro H.

    The duration of the exhibition is appropriate and that should always be the rule. It was a great experience that should be repeated for countless other themes.

  • Nabil M.

    Love every moment!

  • Elizabete M.

    It is truly very exciting, the way we are immersed in Van Gogh's work, accompanied by wonderful music and fantastic lighting effects. It is definitely worth the visit!

  • Lucia S.

    Fantastic!!! A truly immersive experience!!!!

  • Julia V.

    To see the artist’s soul, being part of their screen. I love Vincent Van Gogh.

  • Angelo H.

    Amazing work, unique creativity and truly bringing Van Gogh work to life. Keep up the good work. Congratulations to the whole team at the event.

  • Helena P.

    Great service, beautiful photo scenarios, and a beautiful painting frame at the end. The experience is definitely worth it!

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Gift Card

A unique gift idea! Provide the entire Living Van Gogh experience to your friends and family as a memorable souvenir forever! Each gift card can be used as many times as possible until its total value is used up.


  1. Dates: From May 4th
  2. Hours: 14:00 - 18:30
  3. Duration: 1:15h
  4. Direction: Rua Nova da Alfândega, 4050-430
  5. Recommended: All
  6. Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible
  7. Price Range: From 10€
Tickets available! [Countdown] Lista de espera
Experiência Living Van Gogh no Porto


Alfândega do Porto

Rua Nova da Alfândega, 4050-430, Porto, Portugal.
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